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‘Who connected to Liverpool cannot love what we are doing?

What hurt most after defeats in Basel in the Europa League final, Kiev last season and more recently finishing runners-up to Manchester City in the Premier League was the postponement of the biggest parties.

Rivals have often stated Liverpool fans will be unbearable if they win, and maybe they are right. As a city, as supporters, there are none better at savouring victory and the truth is I’ve come to Marbella, Liverpool’s pre-Champions League training camp, with a conditional invitation for the manager. 

“You can’t go to Liverpool city centre much because you get recognised, but will you be there on June 2?” I ask him.

“If we win I can promise that. There will be no sleep planned,” he replies. “Good. I will look after you,” I tell him. “I am not sure that would help. I have seen a couple of videos of you!” says Klopp, adding: “If there is something to celebrate I am pretty good at celebrating.

“That is what we are going for. That is what we want at the end of this season.

“It would be deserved, 100 per cent. But Tottenham will see it differently. This is normal.

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