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Parents pay tribute to son, 12, who died after going to bed thirsty with sore tummy

The devastated parents of a 12-year-old boy who died after going to bed thirsty with a sore tummy have paid tribute to their ‘fun-loving’ son.

Luke Lawson passed away in his sleep on Saturday morning at the home he shared with mum Leanne Lagan and dad Barry Lawson in Bleary, County Down.

His distraught parents tried to revive him with Barry rushing to a nearby service station to get a defibrilator so he could carry out CPR on his son until paramedics arrived who also tried to save Luke.

Barry said he called Luke ‘My Sunshine’ as he was a good, fun-loving child who was ‘always up to mischief’ and his teachers referred to him as a ‘social butterfly’.

He told Portadown Times his son was also ‘generous and giving’, saying: “No matter where he went, if we took him to the beach on his own, he would have went and found another child and made friends. He had no problem making friends. I am a bit shy and retiring and I used to admire him for that. Fair play that he could do that.”

The 12-year-old was a ‘lovable, fun-loving’ son

Heartbroken Leanne said of her son: “He liked school, just didn’t like to work in school”

Luke, who Barry said always had a smile on his face, adored the pool and going to the beach and if he was at home he would fill the family pool to use even when it was raining.

A avid gamer Luke particularly like Fortnite, cars and his mountain bike and BMX bikes which he used for enjoyable rides round the countryside.

He would often cycle for visit his gran in in Ballydougan.

Luke was a player for Moira Youth FC but Barry said he knew he wasn’t destined for the Premier League.

Barry said: “He was a joker and very mischievous. He loved getting out. He loved a bit of craic.”

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Luke leaves behind an older sister Emma, who is 16, and four-year-old brother Corey who he loved playing video games with.

Both parents have yet to find out how their son died after he went to bed saying he felt tired and his tummy was sore.

Barry and Leanne said he had been thirsty and they had been keeping an eye on him through the night, bringing him drinks and tending to him before he died.

They have paid tribute to police who were first to arrive and helped continue CPR and said the paramedics that tried to save were ‘absolutely amazing’.

Barry added: “He was a real lovable child. It is completely devastating. It is like a big hole has been ripped out.”

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