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Morningside road accident recap: Young boy, 3, killed after being hit by car on pavement

Child involved ‘looked around three-years-old’ – eyewitness

An eyewitness has told the Daily Record that the child hit by the car looked around three years old.

The witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Record: “There were two injured parties, one was a child who looked to be around three years old.

“I just have his or her little wellies stuck in my head which had fallen off.

“The child appeared to be partially under the car and appeared to be breathing when I was there.

“The other party was a female who appeared to be the child’s mother.

They added: “There were around ten police cars, two ambulance vehicles and a fire engine.

“A nurse and a pharmacist from a local pharmacy got to the accident before the ambulance arrived

“I arrived just after the car hit the building.”

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