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Maura Higgins warns Kylie Jenner to ‘watch out’ and says she is out to steal her fame

Maura Higgins has fired a warning shot at Kylie Jenner, telling her to watch her back because she is coming for her fake billionaire crown.

The 29-year-old Love Island contestant fancies herself as the next big reality star success – and says she is gearing up to trample all over 22-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie’s toes.

Last week, Maura revealed she is launching her very own make-up range – which she has titled Fanny Flutters after popularising the phrase on Love Island last year.

And with the make-up range ready to take flight, the Irish beauty says she thinks she has what it takes to displace Kylie, whose own cosmetics range made her a multi millionaire.

Maura Higgins has warned Kylie Jenner to ‘watch out’

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Maura warned: “I’d say Kylie Jenner would have to watch out. I reckon she’s going to be looking for my products in the future.”

The ITV star hopes she will be able to find her newfound fame to challenge the dominance of the Kardashians klan, who are inescapable thanks to their own reality show success.

She said: “I want to do what the Kardashians do and use my social media channels to sell the products. I’m not just putting my name to the make-up collection, I’ve actually done a lot of hard work.”

Maura wants to main gains on Kylie in relation to her fame and success

Maura also spoke about the cosmetic surgery she has had in the past.

And unlike the Kardashians – who have long been rumoured to have endure surgery on their bottoms – Maura says she will be keeping things natural, except for the lip fillers she undergoes.

She said: “I don’t want to get anything done to my body. I’ve got a flat bum and I’m just going to have to embrace it.”

Maura unveiled her new makeup line, which is called Fanny Flutters, last week

Kylie Jenner’s popular Kylie Cosmetics collection has made the young star hundreds of millions

Last Tuesday, Maura gave fans the first look at her Fanny Flutters make-up range.

The Irish beauty shared sneak peaks of the 34-piece makeup collection as well as a YouTube channel to go with it.

As well as the collection, the star has promised to “bring you some fun & of course tutorials and how-tos on makeup, hair and whatever else you might fancy”.

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