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Jurgen Klopp: Covid means Liverpool can’t plan ‘stellar’ signings

“We cannot spend millions because we want to or we think it is nice to do. We never wanted that. We want to strengthen this squad and this squad is strong. The problem with a strong squad is how do you improve a strong squad on the transfer market?

“It works with money, obviously, that is possible. But it never works only with money. You have to be creative and we try to be. We try to find solutions internally. We have three or four players who can make big, big steps.”

With Liverpool losing millions from gate receipts alone due to behind-closed-door football, no sensible club can operate as normal. And Klopp sees no possibility of losing his major players.

“I am very confident that we can keep the team together, but all the rest of the planning is ongoing without knowing,” he said.

“It is just that we have no idea at the moment. I don’t know when the new season will start. Nobody knows how the future will be. Three months ago, nobody knew anything about how it would be and now we act a little bit like everything will be fine again. It is a little bit early to guess that. And in football now we get confronted with how much do you want to spend? How much can you spend if you don’t know how much you can have?

“What I can say is, this team will not stop wanting it. That doesn’t mean we get it. Everyone will see that we want to be successful again and that is how we did it all the time. These boys, like they showed at Crystal Palace, they cannot get lazy. It is just not in their nature.”

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