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Groom dies from Coronavirus two days after wedding where 95 guests caught virus – World News

A groom has died from coronavirus two days after his wedding where 95 guests contracted the deadly virus.

The 30-year-old man, who has not been named, is claimed to have been Covid-19 symptoms and was sickly when he got married in the Indian village of Paliganj near Patna.

The software engineer from Gutugram was cremated without being tested, but when officials were informed of his death they contacted relatives who attended the wedding and 15 tested positive for coronavirus.

A further 80 more wedding guests who were traced and tested were all found to have coronavirus making it it the first mass outbreak in the state of Bihar, India Today reports.

The dead man’s bride did not contract Covid-19.

The groom was showing Covid-19 symptoms when the wedding took place (stock image)

Officials say the wedding on May 12 breached lockdown rules by going ahead despite the groom showing signs that he had coronavirus.

The ceremony also violated social distancing rules and a ban on mass gatherings of more than 50 people.

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In another wedding in India the groom’s grandfather died and 14 other guests contracted coronavirus after 250 people attended the ceremony in Bhilwara.

All 15 patients were admitted to hospital and 127 others were quarantined after they attended the wedding on June 21.

The Rajasthan government has ordered the groom’s dad to pay for the cost of the quarantine facility and medical fees totalling around £6,800.

The district magistrate also said that the expenses incurred in future will be recovered from the groom’s family.

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