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Coleen Rooney’s WAG pals ‘team up to investigate’ whether Rebekah Vardy leaked stories

Footballers’ wives and girlfriends are turning on Rebekah Vardy and expressing fears she may have sold sensitive information about them.

Last October, 38-year-old Becky was sensationally accused by fellow WAG Coleen Rooney of selling stories about her to the press.

Canny Coleen claimed she set a trap by leaking false information about herself and then, by a process of elimination, figured out the most likely suspect when the details made their way into headlines.

The 34-year-old mum-of-four then publicly accused Rebekah of being the source of the leaks in a scandal that has since been dubbed Wagatha Christie.

Coleen Rooney, pictured with husband Wayne, is being sued by Rebekah Vardy

The fall out has led to legal action, with Becky – who has protested her innocence – now suing Coleen for libel.

While Coleen’s own legal action, whereby she planned to counter-sue Rebekah for breach of privacy, has been dropped.

However, further drama is on the horizon amid allegations that further WAGs, including Man Utd captain Harry Maguire’s fiancée Fern Hawkins and Spurs ace Dele Alli’s girlfriend Ruby Mae, are suspicious of Rebekah.

Rebekah, pictured with husband Jamie Vardy, was accused of leaking details of Coleen’s life to the press

A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Some of the Wags, especially Fern and Ruby Mae, have said on WhatsApp they are worried about what might have come out, and whether it was anything to do with Becky or her associates.

“And women have been freaking out and ‘doing a Coleen’ — to see if the same thing has happened to them as happened to her.

Former friend Coleen and Rebekah have been at loggerheads since October 2019

“They have scrutinised past messages and stories and gone over things with a fine-tooth comb.”

It is alleged that Fern is concerned by reports surrounding Harry’s £85million move from Leicester to Man United last year.

Harry Maguire’s fiancé Fern Hawkins is said to be suspicious of Rebekah

Dele Alli’s girlfriend Ruby Mae is also said to be suspicious of Becky

The newspaper goes on to suggest the fellow WAGs are worried details of their personal lives could be thrown into the spotlight due to Rebekah and Coleen’s court battle.

A number of the women are believed to be worried about sharing their own problems with Coleen and fear lawyers may pour through her personal texts and whatsapp messages in the course of their investigation.

If such details ended up being discussed in court, they would go on public record.

Mirror Online has contacted the WAGs’ reps for comment.

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